Hybrid Cars - A First Step

The rush to find alternative fuels is growing to a widespread panic in some areas of science. People are worrying that the day will never come when the public does not rely on fossil fuels, while others are still wondering what if they never find an alternative fuel, what will happen then? When fossil fuels run out, which they will, the public will be left wondering what to do now. However, there is progress being made, with inventions such as the hydrogen powered car still in the process and so forth. One way in which the public can reduce the reliance on fossil fuels now is to purchase a hybrid car that is offered by almost every major automaker in the United States, including those that are foreign.

What is a hybrid car? A hybrid car works much in the same way as the cars that we have now work. They do utilize a gasoline powered engine, however, what makes them a lyrebird is that they also utilize an electrical engine. Other hybrid cars are driven by the electrical engine and a hydrogen fuel cell. How does this hybrid cars work? In the most common gasoline and electrical powered engines, the car will rely on the electrical engine to get around when speeds are below a certain point. This means that the car is not having to use any kind of fossil fuel in order to run properly. When the speeds reach above a maximum level, as to which every car is different at the speeds that the combustible engine takes over, or when the electric charge runs out, the car is then being powered by fuel. With those hybrid cars that use an electrical engine and a fuel cell. The electrical engine will power the car the majority of the time, however, when the person needs it, the fuel cell will convert water into usable energy.

Which type of hybrid is best? The best is the hybrid that uses electrical engines and fuel cells since they can completely relinquish the dependency on fossil fuels. However, these are rather expensive since they do use first rate technology. Most people who are purchasing hybrids are purchasing those that utilize a combination of electrical and gasoline engines in order to get where they are going. So what kind of impact are these cars having?

For starters, they each put off less emissions into the air which means the idea of the greenhouse effect is being helped because of these cars. The hybrid that uses a fuel cell puts out around 80% less emissions than what a typical car puts out. Just imagine if everyone drove one of these cars, the cities that are covered in a layer of smog due to the high population of people driving cars could be lessened and after years completely gone. It is definitely something that most people want for the world. In addition, the reliance on fossil fuels is gone with the car that relies upon a fuel cell. All in all, hybrid cars a way for those that want to make a difference today, to do so. For more information on hybrid cars or alternative fuel sources visit future-alternatives.org.