HCNG Explained

Another form of alternative fuel that is being worked on and considered by researchers as a way to end our dependency on fossil fuels is HCNG. What exactly is HCNG? HCNG stands for hydrogen-enriched compressed natural gas. This fuel can be used in order to power engines if it is used properly. The blend has around 80% of compressed natural gas, while 20% of the blend is made up as hydrogen. The emissions that are given off by this particularly full are reduced by thirty to fifty percent when compared to those cars and trucks running on gas or diesel. One of the many benefits that researchers are looking at HCNG having on the world is that this could pave the way for more hydrogen vehicles in the future with the use of fuel cells. The greatest things about hydrogen is that it is readily available to be used, which means that the US would not have to depend on anyone, but themselves for the substance. The natural gas can also be found readily in the United States as well.

Basically HCNG poses the same problems as using hydrogen as a way to fuel vehicles. For example, cars that are running HCNG do not have the distance as cars that are fueled by gasoline. This is a huge issue with the public, as they do not want to give up their road trips and so forth just because the vehicle is not equipped to go over 300 miles without needing to be refueled. The answer that most people give to this problem is to have fueling stations offering the fuel in various locations. However, most fueling stations are not going to offer a fuel that the vast majority of people are not using. The government has to give some kind of incentive to these stations to offer the fuel. Currently, hydrogen stations in the Untied States are only available in California, so for the rest of the nation, they are out of luck if they have a hydrogen car.

So how does HCNG work? HCNG works pretty much the same as hydrogen however, with the combination of natural gas to the mixture. There are batteries involved in which the energy is received from in order to power the vehicle. There is still much work being done on HCNG, and until then we are stuck with gasoline and diesel, except for those who own hybrid cars. So does the outlook for HCNG good or bad? If scientists could get the public and everyone else on board, while also finishing testing of the fuel, then the effect that HCNG could have on the world of transportation is amazing. In addition, HCNG could work as an energy source for homes to heat and run appliances. Therefore, why the study of HCNG is so important. Whether or not HCNG fails or thrives, it is still giving us some valuable and useful information that can be used to produce other alternative fuels. For more information on alternative fuels, such as HCNG or the other tons of ideas that are being formed daily, visit future-alternatives.org.