Compressed Air Explained

Finding an alternative fuel source is the main goal of many researchers and scientists who are in the field. Why? Simply because the fuels that we are using right now are slowly depleting. Which means that years down the road if we have nothing to fall back on, we are going to find ourselves in quite a pinch since we need fuel in order to give our vehicles the power to go to the places that we need to go, including our place of work. So to answer this need, there are many substances that are being used to see if they could possibly become our next fuel source. Compressed air is one of these substances. Why use compressed air? There are many advantages to the compressed air is that there is no emissions that are emitted when the car is in use from its tailpipe. However, there will be some emissions that occur from the air compressor that is providing air to the car, plus there will be a part of the car that requires heating in order to keep the air compressor running that will produce a few emissions. The fuel that can fuel these elements of the car can be fueled through biofuels.

Those vehicles that are going to be fueled by compressed air are going to be very light weight so that the cars will be able to go farther. And the biggest advantage of having cars run on compressed air is that the fuel (compressed air) is going to be incredibly cheap. This will be a big reason why these vehicles could become the greatest alternative fuel that we have. Plus, those cars that are going to utilize compressed air are set to start at very reasonable prices.

One of the biggest disadvantages of having compressed air utilized to fuel cars is that distance could be a problem. This means that some long distance trips may not be able to be made since the number of fueling stations that will provide compressed air are going to be limited at first. According to the research that should be done points out that the time it takes to refuel the compressed air tank could take a few hours, which means that for those that are going on long trips, this could make the trip even longer than normal. Probably the biggest disadvantages that these vehicles have is that they may not be as crash prove as the other cars that are on the market right now. Many people worry about the way that the compressed air tanks would cause an explosion, however, the researchers have developed the tank in which it only cracks instead of exploding.

Overall, the use of compressed air could be the best thing that the research for alternative fuels have given us. However, there is still much research to be done on the matter. But, there are cars that are fueled with compressed air that are already on the market for consumers to purchase. For more information on alternative fuels and the various uses that these fuels are finding, visit