Biofuel Explained

Everyone is trying to come up with an alternative fuel source in order to make our reliance upon these nonrenewable sources a thing of the past. However, thus far, there has been a few options given, nothing has completely removed our dependency. Biofuel is a concept that is exploding in popularity, the use of ethanol and other renewable products to make them is one that many people are interested in. Many cars are being manufactured to run on a fuel that is composed of ethanol and corn. However, probably the most popular form of biofuel is biodiesel. Biodiesel is one of these alternative fuels that have come around in recent years. Biodiesel is clean burning that is produced for sources that are renewable, which means that it is battling the problem of using nonrenewable sources for fuel. The good news about biodiesel is that it is nontoxic to the point that it is less toxic that table salt, so it does not put off hardly any emissions from those vehicles that use it, in addition, it is very simple to use and biodegradable.

So how is biodiesel produced? Biodiesel is produced through a chemical process called transesterfication in which two products are removed from the process. These products are methyl esters and glycerin. The glycerin is separated from fat or vegetable oils than are used. The glycerin part of the process is the byproduct that is found in soaps and other related products. So who can use biodiesel? Biodiesel can be used by anyone, as of right now many farmers are using biodiesel on their farms since it does not utilize gasoline or regular diesel. However, even those that are running diesel vehicles can also utilize biodiesel in their vehicles. Biodiesel can be found all through the nation, however, you will have to look for it. There is a handful of biodiesel producers that you can purchase the product from, and there are a few stations around the nation that are carrying biodiesel for people to use.

Other types of biofuel are going to rely on making ethanol that has been made for years, usually in the backyards of people, especially those that make their own alcohol. However, thus far, biodiesel is the most popular form of biofuel that is available for people to use. In the future, we will see many more of these biofuels exploding onto the market.

So how can the government encourage the use of biofuel to people? Having stations that are readily available and can supply the fuel is the first step and one that is ongoing. Secondly, letting the public know about biodiesel is the next step. Many people have never heard of the fuel or simply believe that is for farm use only, as many farmers are the main spokesperson for the fuel. And the next step is to make this fuel cost effective for people to want to use. If diesel is still cheaper than biodiesel, with the economy the way it is, people are going to go for the less expensive fuel since they are trying to make ends meet in any way that they can. This is probably going to be the most difficult step to accomplish. For more information on alternative fuels visit