Better Fuel Efficiency: A Second Step

Though everyone is on the search for alternative fuels, it is going to take tons of research and test trials before cars will come out that are powered completely by solar panels, electricity or fuel cells. However, the ground work is already being laid in many cars that offer such alternatives to help with fuel mileage on the cars that people are buying. However, one of the steps that we can do right now to at least make our supply of fossil fuels go farther is to have cars that have improved gas mileage. Many vehicles out there are only getting thirteen miles per gallon, which means that they are filling up twice as much as a mid size car that gets around 26 miles per gallon, and 26 miles per gallon is still falling short of where the government wants cars to be in terms of gas mileage. Most government officials want the gas mileage of cars to be around 40 miles per gallon by 2015, this way they can save a bit of the fossil fuel that is left and dramatically decrease our usage of gasoline and diesel. This is the second step in making sure that we do not have a future that is absent of fossil fuels and having to resort to prehistoric ways of getting around. With the goal of being to completely remove fossil fuels from the mix, however, that is a long time coming.

So how can you improve fuel mileage? Most people will answer to buy a better fuel mileage car. Most of the ones that are being produced now are offering great fuel mileage. However, not everyone can afford to buy a new car. Which leaves them trying to figure out ways in which they can make sure that they are getting the most out of their fuel mileage. For starters, having tires that are appropriate is a great way to make sure that you are getting good fuel mileage, running them low on air is just like throwing money out of the window while going down the highway. Plus, having a car that is tuned up properly is a great way to make sure that the fuel that you do use is being used to its potential. One of the best ways to make sure that you are getting every mile that you car can possibly offer is to drive cautiously. For those that go ten miles per hour over the speed limit they are burning almost twice as much fuel as those that go a bit under the speed limit.

All in all, if you can afford to buy one of the more fuel efficient vehicles, then by all means do this so that you can save some fossil fuel, and most importantly, save yourself some money in the long run. More automakers are putting fuel saving devices on their vehicles so you no longer just have to choose a small car to get good fuel mileage, you can get the room that you need as well as benefit from better fuel mileage. For more information on alternative fuels visit