Alcohol Fuels Explained

Alcohol fuels are gaining attention since they could replace our dependency on fossil fuels that are slowly running out. However, alcohol fuels does not mean that you dump an entire bottle of some type of vodka into the gas tank and you are on your way. The use of alcohol usually refers to two main types of alcohol, methanol and ethanol. Ethanol is produced from a variety of sources, however, the most popular are corn and sugarcane.

While methanol is produced from natural gases. So why should people use alcohol as fuel?

The main reason is that it will remove our dependency on fossil fuels, which is the goal of many scientists and researchers who are right now trying to come up with alternative fuels to use. However, the use of alcohol as fuel has other benefits as well. First, the alcohol does run cleaner and produces less emissions when compared to other fuel sources. Which means that if everyone in the world were to run their vehicle on alcohol then that could lead to the air that we breathe being much cleaner and anything the greenhouse effect that everyone hears so much about. Secondly, the production of the alcohol is local, which means that it could put more money into the local economy. This means that this savings could be passed on to those that live in the area, which means that the economy could flourish with the introduction of alcohol as a main source of fuel.

So how is alcohol produced? The production of alcohol as a fuel is not as new of a concept as people would like to think. For example, for the past hundred years people have produced alcohol to be used for consumption. Which means that the process has been timed and tested, and overall perfected. Corn is the main substance in which can be used to make alcohol to be used to drive. However, this poses a problem for many, as they fear that if people were to rely on alcohol, particularly ethanol that the corn supply in the world would be damaged. However, for those that are in fear of this happening should realize that the corn that is used to produce ethanol is corn that is not used for human consumption. However, the researchers and scientists involved in alternative fuel sources are trying to produce ethanol from sources that would not affect anything, such as grass found in woodlands and so forth. If they are able to do this, it means that the world of fuel could be significantly altered.

Ethanol fuel is already available in many vehicles that are combining gasoline with small amounts of ethanol. Methanol is not used as much since it does derive from a more difficult source to use. However, the future could be full of vehicles that run on ethanol alone and will stop the degree to which we rely upon fossil fuels. And when this day comes, it will be a time to celebrate since it will change the world forever. For more information on alternative fuels visit