Alternative Car Fuels - Why do we need them?

The discovery of alternative fuels to replace the use of gasoline and diesel is becoming a game to figure out what will make it to the finish and actually take over the huge market of fuels. However, many are wondering why exactly do we need alternative fuels in the first place? There are several reasons why the scientific world are doing all that they can in order to develop fuels that do not use oil as their main source. For starters, the cost of gasoline and diesel are through the roof. Everyday, the news reports that a gallon of gasoline has risen by three cents or so. However, three cents may not seem like much. But when this rise occurs each week or month it slowly begins to add up. Some places in the United States are paying over three dollars a gallon for regular unleaded fuel. With the economy as it is, people are losing their jobs, while other people are having to choose whether to fuel their car or to put food on their table. Because of this the government is trying very hard to find more cost efficient alternative fuels, so that everyone can have a high standard of living.

Car FuelSecondly, and maybe the biggest reason why the search for alternative fuels is becoming more popular is that gasoline and diesel rely on fossil fuels in order to be manufactured. Fossil fuels are not renewable, which means when they run out, we are out of fuel. When this time comes, and it will come, whether it be ten years down the road or a hundred years down the road, people are going to be left with no way to power their cars. When this happens and there is no alternative fuel source, the economy will crash since there will be no one able to go to work, no one able to make the products that we depend on.

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People are going to have to resort to other ways of getting around, and these ways are going to make our world seem as if we are not progressing into the future, but rather backtracking to the days of the horse and buggy.

Another huge reason why we need the development of alternative fuels to occur is because the burning of gasoline and diesel puts off an incredible amount of air pollution, which is contributing to the green house effect. Though this effect is already starting to be felt in many areas of the world, such as the melting ice caps in Alaska, those who live everywhere else may not notice it as much. However, it is there. This is not something that is made up in order to make people scared, it is just a simple fact. The more waste that our vehicles are putting into the world, the harder it is for those with breathing problems to breathe, plus it also makes those who have no problems, suddenly develop things like asthma and other breathing related problems. For more information on alternative fuels and why we need them, visit to learn more.